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Natural, storytelling and heartfelt wedding photography for relaxed couples


There really isn’t a way to put a price on your timeless and cherished memories. At the end of the day, the flowers will wilt, the cake will be gone, and the dancing will be over, but what remains are the images that hold your memories for a lifetime and beyond that. They’re a lovely testament to your unique love story as well as the history of your family. They are also the perfect heirlooms that you can pass on for generations.

Your wedding day should feel like magic. Effortless, heartfelt and intimate moments captured in raw emotion. This is where I come in! I’ve photographed countless couples along their journeys and I love what I do with a passion that I’ll never be able to put into words.

When choosing me as your photographer for your wedding day, it’s so much more than just picking a style you like. I’llbe with you more than any other person every step of the way, up close and personal. I strive to make your day go so much smoother, boost your confidence, and help bring you peace of mind knowing that I have your back. I’ve brushed stray hairs away off my bride’s dress. I’ve held grandmothers hands as tears streamed down her face. I’ve calmed panicking grooms, giggled with more bridesmaids than I can count. I’myour last minute hair stylist, makeup artist, therapist, chauffeur, you name it!

I continue to be a part of your journey long past the moment you say I do. So if you’re ready to do this beautiful adventure with me by your side, have a look at my wedding photography portfolio below and get in touch!




Thank you so much for all your work as our wedding photographer.  Henry and I had a wonderful day, and we are really pleased to have such beautiful pictures to remember everything by.  We’ve had such fun looking through them all! I particularly appreciated your calm attitude and flexibility on the day.  I know Henry and I changed things up on you a couple times, and you were more than willing to go with the flow which was really great for us.  I also love not only the pictures of us, but also all the wonderful images of our guests which you captured.  That is much appreciated, as it’s so special and unique to have that group of people together in one place. You are amazing!”

– Stephanie & Henry