I did a branding shoot for Yorkshire independent brand delivering organic and natural products the Herbalist’s new coconut scrub soap which smells heavenly and made me think of the important of taking care of our mental health during lockdown. 🌱⠀

So many of us are struggling with our mental health at the moment, and rightfully so. We’ve been dealing with an unexpected heightened emotional stress that we were not equipped to tackle, initially. I think that the real strength/ beauty in our humanity lies in our ability to adapt. We may feel that the current global situation is out of our control, but we always have a choice in how we react. And what we can do to uplift ourselves during this time spent mostly at home is focus on our sensory experiences, those physical processes that help define how we interpret and perceive the world. And that’s where self-care comes in. Make sure to find what works for you 💛⠀