Hi there, I’m Constance! I live in Milton Keynes so that makes me I’m a Buckinghamshire-based photographer – although I do work a lot in London. What is my thing? I specialise in family photography. My documentary approach to photography means that I create visually striking, authentic, and emotive lifestyle photographs outdoors or in your own home in my signature natural and unobstructive style. I love to take advantage of the natural light and changing seasons and use some of the stunning locations we have on our doorstep. Through these photographs, I aim to celebrate every individual, family or brand I meet through their very own and unique story. I have been a photographer for 8 years. That is A LOT of photographs. So rest assured, I know what I’m doing and I love what I do.  If this sounds like what you are looking for, then please read on to find out more!

Constance Doyle Photographer in Milton Keynes and London
Constance Doyle Photographer in Milton Keynes and London www.constancedoyle.com