Background story: I’ve always loved nature and wildlife. When I was 6 years old, I asked my parents to get me an outdoor exploration kit for my birthday. Best present ever by the way: I’d spend hours a day staring at all the elements of nature and catching bugs with the insect observation kit.



I quickly realized that anywhere in nature was a sacred place, a place where my spirits and mood felt best. Nothing makes me happier than witnessing thriving biodiversity and an abundance of wildlife. Beauty lies in all elements of nature. We can learn so much from the way the plant, fungi and animal kingdom interact with and benefit from one another. The mistake we make as humans is to imagine ourselves as separate from the ecosystems we inhabit, and constantly undermine the power nature has on our health and mental wellbeing. I regularly go hiking and wild camping, and words can’t express how much I benefit from each experience in the great outdoors. It only feels right to give something back and play my part in the recovery of the earth’s ecosystem and biodiversity.



I want to show up as an ally for nature and take action in the global focus on nature-based climate solutions. And a huge part of that goes into increasing wood growth to reduce carbon, and provide a rich environment for the fungi and wildlife. So I’ve decided to partner up with a local organization in Buckinghamshire that will plant those trees on my/ your behalf, for every booking I get. 



If you haven’t done so already, you can go read more about why I started my business here and check out testimonials of clients delighted with their photo session with me!

Would you like to chat about a photo shoot? Do you think somebody in your family would love this as a gift? Message me through the form to book.

Much love,

Constance x


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