Welcome to the Client Lounge, where you’ll find everything you need to know ahead of our session! I’m thrilled you decided to book me and can’t wait to meet you!


First off, have you taken the time to read my styling assistance guide?



Have you also taken a look at my client closet and seen anything you would like to borrow?




Now let’s move on to what you need to bring to our lifestyle photo session!


  • Your chosen outfit(s) – whether borrowed from my client closet or your carefully selected outfit! Beige, white, neutral, light and pastel colours look great in photos, that being said, I do love a pop of colour (red, rusty orange, mustard, etc). I personally prefer long / flowy dresses when shooting outside in the summer. Pick outfits that you feel super comfortable and confident in. Remember, I want you to feel not great, but AMAZING! Choose your outfit first, than plan the rest of the outfits around yours – you are the star of the show! The best thing is to colour coordinate and complement, we want to avoid everyone looking too matchy-matchy.


  • Got a pup? Bring him/her to our session! We’ll get the cutest photos with your furry friend and his/her presence will make you feel relaxed and at ease! Make sure to bring his favourite toy, a squeaky ball or toy, and their favourite treats!


  • It’s pamper time! Yep you heard me: get yourself pampered! Most of the time, hands end up being seen on your photos, so feel free to go all the way in pampering & self-love: offer yourself a mani before getting your portraits taken! Getting all dolled up helps a lot with self confidence and to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.


  • Hair & make-up: As you’ve seen from my work, I’m all about the natural look, but I also want you to feel confident. If you want to go for a goddess look, have some light curls to add some volume. Feel free to have a look at Pinterest or Youtube tutorials for some hairdo inspo! Click here to see some gorgeous romantic half up dos looksMy top tip for make-up is to put a little more than what you normally would – photos tend to not reflect the makeup so you need to overdo it just a tad! If you want a pro to do your make-up, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with my associate make-up artist! 


  • Rest up before our session! This is what professional models will advise you: get lots of sleep and drink lots of water the evening before the session – you’ll have that goddess glow at our shoot and you will feel fantastic!


  • If we’re shooting outside, bring some layers to keep warm should it get a bit chilly, and wear your comfiest trainers to walk between locations! Don’t forget to also bring a small bottle of water, tissues, baby wipes if you have a child, hayfever tablets (if you have allergies!) and a small mirror/ lipstick if you need to touch up! 


  • If we’re shooting at your home, please make sure that it is as decluttered as possible!


  • Don’t stress, be yourself and enjoy this experience! I won’t make you pose, but I will give you prompts to allow natural and emotive moments to unfold. My photography style is all about movement, emotions and relationships, and I will encourage you to interact with each other as much as possible. I love including in my sessions activities that my clients like to do – whether it’s having a picnic, playing cards and games, reading books, going hunting for bugs, playing with the dog(s), enjoying a cheeky beer, etc. If you’re coming with your child(ren), bring their favourite toys and books to include in the photos! Feel free to bring any props that would make the experience more personable. If you have any ideas and would like to run them by me, feel free to do so!


Don’t forget that you will look amazing no matter what and I will make sure you have an unforgettable experience and photos that you will forever cherish!


I can’t wait to meet you!!


Constance x