Close your eyes and imagine your dream home. You’re not likely to see cluttered rooms, overflowing drawers, and cupboards full of items that you’ve accumulated over the years. Now open your eyes and take a look around your house. Are you seeing clutter and ambiguous spaces?

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. You’ve most probably grabbed your laptop and started mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest to collect some ‘organisation inspo’. After a few minutes, you’ve pinned over 50 images of perfect homes and you start to feel overwhelmed. Perhaps you’re subconsciously searching for an affirmation, a direction, or simply a distraction from what you should be doing? You look at those flawless Pinterest photos and you seem to be setting standards you don’t have the time, energy nor emotion to achieve, which makes you feel depleted. 

The good news is that you can delegate that task to tidying and organisation expert Monstera Homes!

Its founder Alessia is a firm believer that your home is your sanctuary, that a well-kept and organised home environment enhances our well-being and neutralises the daily stressors. With a working from home lifestyle more than ever on the rise, it’s crucial to make our homes into places of peaceful sanctuary where we feel safe and restful – a place where we are able to recharge our energy and thrive for ourselves as well as our loved ones and work. 

Alessia’s workflow is based on the logic that facing the mess and clutter we see in front of us, understanding how we arrived here, and making a strategic plan to deal with it are important steps towards loving the home we have and making it ours. 

Throughout the years, she’s experimented with and perfected several ways to organise homes in different settings.

The Marie Kondo movement, paved by the success of her Netflix series ’Tidying up with Marie Kondo’, was a major breakthrough in Alessia’s career. She quickly realised that tidying and organisation wasn’t intuitive for everyone and that she could make her knowledge and experience accessible to others, which led to the launch of Monstera Homes last year. 

Since then, she’s been solicited as a tidying and organisation consultant in Milton Keynes on many occasions and aims to see her lifestyle brand strive over the next years.

It is clear when meeting Alessia that her kind personality, professionalism and creativity are qualities that allow her to offer solutions adapted to all. She has an unrivalled passion about what she does, and she takes tidying to a whole new level, teaching her clients that if they deconstruct, simplify and organise their homes once thanks to game-changing tips and tricks, they’ll never have to do it again.


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