What is a client closet?

A client closet consists of a carefully curated collection of beautiful dresses and accessories that I’ve selected to enhance my style of photography.

Finding the perfect outfit for your session can be difficult, which is why I have put this closet together to take all of the guessing work and stress out of it for you. The most frequently asked question I get from my clients is “What should I wear?”, and I’m the first to admit that finding something to wear for your scheduled photography session can be a source of stress. Creating a client closet has been on my mind for quite some time as I want to make your Constance Doyle Photography experience as hassle-free and amazing as possible! 

When you book a session with me, you automatically gain access to my exclusive client closet, which I strongly recommend utilising as each piece is carefully selected to enhance my style of photography. As this is a new offering, I’m currently still in the process of curating a beautiful collection of couture pieces and props. The dresses I choose include a variety of textures, stunning details, beautiful movement and are all very flattering on a range of different body types thanks to a clever waist cinching.

So how do you go about styling yourself and the rest of the participants in the shoot? If you’ve booked me for a family session, I generally suggest choosing an outfit for yourself first and then selecting pieces for your partner and children afterwards. I personally do not offer clothing for men nor children. Women and mothers are always the star of the show to me, and with pregnancy and post partum changes, I can understand how hard it is to want to invest in beautiful dresses that will only fit them for a short season. Men and children’s clothes are usually much cheaper, and more affordable, to shop for, and in my experience, my clients have had no issues finding or shopping clothing for the partner and rest of the family.

Access to my client closet wardrobe will be included in all my sessions. Please let me know what your picks are at least 24 hours before our session.




Non-maternity / maternity beige lace dress

Non-maternity / maternity maxi ruffled dresses (beige, burnt orange, dark green or taupe)

Flower Crowns



Cake smash:

– First birthday crown
– Outfits
– Cake & balloons options available upon request




Lettered Board with a customised message



Toys for toddlers and children





Boho teepee tent with a bespoke set-up to mark a special occasion (enquire for more info)





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Au revoir!

Constance x